How the Spanish Walk works longer and higher


May 27, 2021


I promised you in the last blog that today would be about how to get your horse to have his leg in the air longer.

So here we go.

Put the leg up instead of balancing!

But if you now want to extend the “hold”, it can help to take another object into the training. Because with this help, your horse can usually understand the idea of holding faster and better.

In the best case, this second object is a platform.

It can also be a small wall, a bench or another immovable object without sharp edges.

Now place your horse in front of the object so that it can place its hoof on the object with its leg almost extended.

Now teach your horse to place his hoof on the object using the touching you have already learned in conjunction with your voice signal.

Now increase the time your horse holds his hoof on the object bit by bit.

Once your horse has internalized this exercise and tries to put his leg down (even on different objects), you can move on to the next step.

Remember that horses learn by location, so keep changing your training area. This exercise often works wonderfully in the field ?

Place your horse in front of the object in such a way that it can no longer place its hoof on it.

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Your horse will now “fish” for the object and keep his hoof in the air longer.

Praise it again enthusiastically for this!

And extend the duration, in which it holds its hoof upwards, bit by bit.

Now, with a little training, instinct and timing, nothing stands in the way of a beautiful Spanish greeting!

Just always make sure that your horse never loses the desire, but grows with each training on this exercise!

When you have trained both front legs evenly, you can of course start with the Spanish walk.

It can be a real confidence booster in situations that your horse finds scary!

Reach your goal with a clear plan

No matter what lessons and exercises you are focusing on with your horse: Remember that it’s always about spending time together and having fun!

This doesn’t mean that you should wrap your horse in absorbent cotton and bubble wrap and only ever do things that he obviously enjoys, but it does mean that you are the person your horse wants you to be.

Who is always growing and working on himself to become an even better horse person ♥.

If you are clear and confident for your horse, he will also master difficult situations with you – and may even find that sometimes it’s worth making an effort.

After all, the gym isn’t always fun in the short term either, but it’s all the more fulfilling in the long run. If you basically like the gym ? Oh you certainly understand what I mean!

Anyway, I wish you and your horse lots of fun practicing!

All the love,

Your Kenzie

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