Benefits for your personality from liberty training with your horse

by maxx

October 22, 2020


You may know it already:

On some days everything runs like clockwork in training with your horse.

But the next day suddenly nothing works anymore. You have the feeling that you have to start again with Adam and Eve.

But stop: Who is to be to blamed here? Your horse? Or you?

And didn’t we already have that?

Basically you have to keep in mind that training with your horse just can’t always be the same.

After all, you are two living beings, each with his own feelings and his “own life”, which have to adapt to each other and be brought into harmony again and again.

Because you surely know this from you:

Some days everything just runs smoothly – and on others everything goes wrong. Your horse is not immune to this, even if he has completely different “problems” than you.

That’s why I would like to talk about how not only your horse, but also your personality can benefit from training with your horse.

The horse as a creature of habit

Even if I repeat myself: Like the human being, your horse is a creature of habit.

Often we don’t see – especially when we don’t have our horses in front of our own front door – what might have changed in your horse’s daily routine.

Maybe the feed came too late today?

Or the best buddy to a pasture further away?

Maybe your horse is a bit weather sensitive?

Or his stomach is tweaking?

No matter which variables have changed in your horse’s daily routine – you don’t necessarily have to notice these changes.

But if you have a very sensitive horse that reacts sensitively to small changes, this can have a big impact on your training. But what role do you play in this?

Caught up in the daily routine…?

Just ask yourself tomorrow how you feel when you arrive at your horse.

Can you manage to leave your worries & fears, your anger at the stable door?

Or do you take your problems (subconsciously?) with you to training?

Depending on how finely tuned your horse is, you can also, for example, make your horse bump into you today by stooping a little bit because you are sad – precisely because you do not take your area with the same presence as usual.

Furthermore, the “pictures in your head” have a strong effect on your training – not only because they give you a different appearance, but also because they unconsciously influence your posture.

Because the only reliable constant in your training will always be one: The change.

Like a white sheet of paper…

Therefore, here is my ultimate tip, which I also use every day anew with my horses:

Look at your horse every day like a blank sheet of paper. 

Because your task in training as a good horse trainer is to get involved with your horse again and again and to work where it is necessary.

Maybe today you can improve on the lessons you taught your horse last week.

But maybe it is very unfocused and rude today, so you need to go back to the basics to strengthen your leadership skills.

One thing is certain: If you take your horse exactly as it is every day and don’t try to squeeze it into a stencil that it doesn’t fit into today – for whatever reason – you will make the greatest progress.

Even though you may not be able to work out individual lessons in a few days, your confidence and the fun of working together will be much greater.

Because with this approach you always give your horse exactly what it needs as a trainer – and our horses really appreciate that.

Personal development – not only for the horse, but also for you!

Horse training equals character development?

I always ask myself how I manage to “round off” not only the character corners of my horse – but also my own.

Because we also bring all our expectations, sometimes even fears and worries to our horses. And what we think also has a significant influence on the success of our training.

The most important thing right from the start: Be happy and have fun!

Because the more you are happy about progress and celebrate your horse, the more motivated you will be to make your horse happy ?

Apart from that: Be patient, even if it is not always easy.

Every horse learns at a different pace and needs a different amount of time to learn a lesson. For example, some horses learn to lie down in one day – with Sasou, it took me a year to be able to lie down reliably.

Irascibility and impatience won’t get you anywhere and will only lead to regression rather than progress.

Even if it is not always easy to take a deep breath and repeat things over and over again:

Just imagine that you are not only working on your horse, but also on yourself.

I can promise you that the training with your horse will bring you further. Because patience and a positive charisma can also pay off outside the horse world!

Just remember: regressions are quite normal and part of the learning process!

If you follow your path clearly and consistently, you will arrive! The question is only when you will arrive there and not if you will arrive there, if you follow your feelings with the right energy and patience ?

In this sense, have fun training – from your horse and you!

Your Kenzie

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