What’s behind my spaghetti rock theory?


July 15, 2020


Have I ever told you about my spaghetti rock theory? No? Then it’s time for today!

Because “inner pictures” can help immensely to make your body language clearer and better understandable for your horse.

You are the rock in the waves

That you have to give your horse security in every moment, that’s something I often mention. ? So in the best case you are your horse’s rock in the waves in every situation, the lighthouse that shows him the direction.

Of course, this also includes the free work with circles!

And it is incredibly important! Our goal is to make sure that the horse is free to walk around us at the end – without touching us. But what does it need to do this on both hands and in balanced circles?

Imagine that you are the centre of the world for your horse.

You are the pivot – and your horse walks around you. But it’s not so easy to turn around your horse’s leg really calmly and not to run!

In my courses I see again and again that the horse takes his human with him mentally (without pulling on the rope) – and the human walks along with him a lot.

Even if this is of course a more athletic variant of lunging or circling, it is still useful to give your horse an “anchor” to orientate itself by.

This is where my inner image with the “rock” comes from – because rocks can neither be pushed nor pressed, they are simply where they are. And that’s how you should feel when lunging: You are where you are and your horse respects your dance floor, your private space, without touching you.

Or are you the spaghetti?

The alternative to the rock is – as you probably already expected – the spaghetti. It is flexible, evades, wraps itself mentally around the horse. Such a spaghetti does not give any hold and cannot be grasped properly, therefore it does not give the horse any security. And it is also not very respectable ?

So if your horse bumps into you from time to time or gets too close while lunging, you might be more spaghetti than rocks – and avoid your horse if in doubt.

Since horses pay very close attention to who is moving whom, difficulties are pre-programmed sooner or later. Your dance area will soon no longer be your dance area – and your horse will step on your feet, so to speak.

But how do I become a rock now?

The most important thing, as so often, is your “mindset” – the thoughts you have. If you are afraid of your horse, it will feel this. If you move back just a few centimetres when your horse gets too close to you, he will notice this – and take advantage of it when in doubt.

So the first thing that counts is that you can imagine yourself as a rock. Because anything you can imagine can come true. ?

A rock is big, it is strong and unyielding. Don’t get me wrong: The image of a rock has nothing to do with a hard hand or strictness, but simply with the kind of leadership qualities your horse desires.

So make yourself big, stand up straight as if a thread coming from the middle of your head is pulling you up towards the stars. Breathe in, channel your energy and bring some basic tension into your body to get your horse’s attention.

Stay where you are, like a rock in the waves. Don’t let yourself be pushed, pressed or pulled, but defend your individual zone in case of doubt – because no other horse would let itself be pushed, bitten or kicked either.

Then it’s time to collect experiences of success! Because your self-confidence will grow with your success.

In my video I explain to you once again in detail how you should react when your horse bumps into you – and sees you more as spaghetti than as a rock ?

[su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/ckIKxL2b0Kk”]

Be the lighthouse that takes responsibility off your horse!

Maybe the rock still seems too hard and unyielding to you? Don’t worry, even rocks can be soft and loving! But use this image to take responsibility off your horse. Because horses like to give responsibility!

They want to feel safe with you and know that you have every situation under control – because then they don’t have to worry about anything. You will notice that you are doing your horse a favour when you are his rock in the surf and he can always rely on you.

So in the future, keep your mind on the rock – and leave the noodles on your plate. Because they taste so much better with delicious tomato sauce, don’t they?

All my love

Your Kenzie

Circensic Seminar by Kenzie Dysli

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