How does liberty training influence you and your horse?


May 6, 2021


You have probably already noticed that you also benefit from liberty training in everyday life and in the saddle.

Simply because your clear communication and the constantly growing trust have an effect on all areas with your horse.

That is one reason why we are so fascinated by liberty training!

It simply does something to you and your horse – and once you have started, nothing will be the same in a few months. Of course, it will be much better!

But why does liberty training also influence other areas?

If you have been reading my blog for a while or have attended one of my (online) seminars, you will have noticed the gradual change.

Because we don’t just practise lessons in free work – it is extremely important to me to explain the background and the “why”.

Because you learn a lot about the herd dynamics, your horse’s language, his character, but also about yourself, you see your horse with different eyes from the moment you take him out of the box or the paddock or the meadow.

Maybe you used to let your horse push you a little?

Maybe you let him pick a blade of grass before he came with you?

Maybe you were more insecure yourself and not clear in your communication?

Through liberty work, you as a horse person begin to understand that everything is connected.

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And that everything belongs together.

Because a real partnership doesn’t just happen in the protected roundpen or indoor arena – it is so much more and makes every single moment with your horse special – whether you are on the ground or in the saddle, whether you are grooming or practising going sideways.

Every one of these situations – every single drop – shapes your relationship.

That’s why it’s so important, even as you greet your horse, to be aware of your body language – and to be polite to your horse.

Because you can only get respect and trust back if you give respect and trust.

And one of the most important cornerstones for this is simply conscious and clear communication, good timing and understanding for your horse!

The influence also works the other way round…

Of course, the influence of liberty training is not a one-way street – you can (and should!) also consciously transfer elements from the ground to the saddle and vice versa!

Not only does this make you and your behaviour more understandable, more predictable and easier to follow for your horse, the individual elements can also complement each other wonderfully and thus be further developed!

Of course, this applies first and foremost to clear and consistent communication, which guarantees your horse security and predictability.

You should try to remain flexible in your training and offer your horse variety!

Do you have problems riding your horse relaxed and in a stretching position at the trot?

Grab the bridle, explain to your horse that he wants to lower his head when you tug on the rope and practice the stretching position from below.

Or does your horse have problems finding his balance?

Then go for a walk over hill and dale, uphill and downhill, to give your horse a feeling for his body – or use body bandages.

The same applies to motivation and breaks!

Try to ride your horse in the same motivating way as you train him in free work, and you will also be able to achieve faster learning successes under saddle!

Of course you can also transfer individual elements from the ground to the saddle – e.g. the Spanish walk.

Liberty training and circus lessons can hardly stand on their own – they always spill over into other areas.

I find this to be a great enrichment that has once again changed the way I deal with my horses.

You can never know enough – and never stop trying to become a “better person” for your horse bit by bit.

We never stop learning and I am incredibly grateful to be able to accompany so many horses and people on this path!

Last but not least, I would like to give you one last tip about “learning”:

Horses always learn in a specific place.

This can be an advantage and a disadvantage – but you can use this knowledge for yourself!

For example, if you want to practise a certain lesson that your horse finds difficult, you can always practise it in the same place at the beginning.

However, if you want your horse to really internalise an exercise, you have to practise it in completely different places in order to really anchor it firmly.

In any case, I hope you have a lot of fun thinking about what can be brought from the ground to the saddle and vice versa.

We know: variety is the mother of motivation ? So have fun practising!

All the love,

Your Kenzie

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