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"Online Liberty Training"

the  Secret  Language of Horses

Start Your Way
To Liberty Dressage

Invisible aids, playful easiness, a communication on eye level - learn from and with me the liberty dressage in 12 months online! Together we go on a journey, so your horse and you become an inseparable team!

In my 12 month "Online Liberty Training" you will learn from scratch ALL my secrets for a successful training with your horse.

  • Live Calls with Kenzie
  • 91 Lessons in over 25 hours of video
  • Additional "Circensic Online Seminar"
  • Private Facebook-Group
  • Assistance at any time
  • New course system
  • Certificate of completion

What does OIS mean?

In my Online Intensive Seminar, I offer you the opportunity to delve deeply into the world of liberty dressage. The OIS format, which stands for "intensive" learning, goes far beyond traditional online courses. You will not only dive into a multitude of instructional videos, but also benefit from interactive live sessions. In addition, private exchange in a special Facebook group complements and deepens your learning experience.

The advanced techniques and methods I introduce to you will not only enrich your daily routine with your horse, but also strengthen the deep bond with your quadruped. It is important to emphasize that despite the intensity and depth of the seminar, the fun and joy of learning and interacting always come to the forefront – for both you and your horse.

To ensure the quality and depth of this intensive learning experience, I usually offer this seminar for registration only twice a year. Let's get started now!


"Online Liberty Training"


OIS 2023
  • 89 lessons
  • 25 hours
  • 89 Lessons
  • 25 Hours
From the first leading exercise to free circling until your horse gallops towards you completely free on call.


You become the leader of your herd of two & learn to control your horse in every situation. Your horse understands you and your clear commands & together you set the foundation for your trust and the next steps.


Here you work completely free and you train more difficult lessons, like e.g. free changes of direction.


Your horse gallops to you on your command - like Ostwind to Mika in the movie "Windstorm (Ostwind)". You build a harmonious unit and you and your horse are connected with an invisible bond.

Now you belong to the professionals and you are even able to prepare your own shows/performances.



regular 279 € 
  • 37 Lessons
  • 6 Hours of video content
  • 37 Lessons
  • 6 Hours
Circensic lessions are natural movements of the horse, which we can call on command. I will teach you different exercises from the ground that will have a long lasting effect for the relationship between you and your horse.


After your horse has learned to listen to you  and to concentrate on you, you will exercise in Module 1 the basics for over 20 circensic lessons.


After you completed the basics and the first exercises we will intensivly work on Waltz, Compliment, Spanish Walk, etc.


Now you are already professionals and you can work on the circensic exercises on the highest level, such as lying down, sitting down and the standing passage.



You are facing challenges in your daily training with your horse? 
To ensure optimal support over the next 12 months, there are regular live calls. In these, you can ask me ALL your questions LIVE and I will answer as many as possible.

Typically, the live sessions take place once a month. We will inform you in good time about the dates.


Facing challenges in your daily training with your horse? 
Learn from the experiences from other participants of my online seminars.
Your questions regarding the challenges in your daily training will be collected.
I will answer these and record them via video. The video will then be uploaded to the Facebook group and posted on the course system.

Private Facebook Group

Become part of my Kenzie Community
For the next 12 months you will get intensive support. Next to the extensive course material you will receive personal feedback from me in my closed Facebook group. In these group are all participants. You can exchange ideas  and experiences with each other.

Registration is only possible until 

Sunday, 26. of November 2023!

- Due to technical issues, the sales period has been extended by a few hours. -

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress

You missed out!

The number of participants is limited.
A major component of this seminar is my personal support during your training. However, I can only provide this to your satisfaction up to a certain seminar size.
Therefore, access is highly limited.
   $  1090  


  • One payment
  • No subscription
  • One payment, two months free!
  $   109  

12 months

  • 12 monthly installments
  • No subscription (ends automatically)
  • Cheaper than one riding lesson


Try out 3 days without any risk!

You are not sure if the course works for you?

You can try my online seminar without any risk.

Decide within 3 days if you want to stay in the course. If not just email to [email protected] and we will refund your money!

Your horse bites you, kicks you or bumps into you.

You miss an in-depth relationship & your horse shows no motivation and joy during your training? 
You are impressed by the way others seem to be working playfully with their horse on an invisible band, completely free?
Your horse has no motivation or seems to be lazy and with others it seems so easy to work together?
Are you missing the structure in your training?
You miss the fundamental idea on how to approach your challenges in every situation with your horse?

You wish you had a guide that you can always follow?
The solution is right here!
Become your horse's best friend with my support. Understand how your horse really "ticks". Develop a common communication on eye level.
Learn to change old patterns and become an inseparable unity with your horse.


I am looking forward to the training in the course and hope that we will learn a lot. I am an absolute fan of her approach, she is authentic in her work and sensitive in her interactions with people and animals. I have just started the seminar but the help you get there is incredible. Thank you Kenzie for the great opportunity to learn with you.
Madison B.


Her clarity towards the horses, her 100% presence, her knowledge, lots of skills, experience from childhood and her natural credible personality are what make her stand out!
Kylie Z.


No matter which horse I have tried the basics on. They all understood it in just in time. That speaks for itself. It's all a completely consistent story with a solid background.
Evelyn L.


... want to know how to work freely with your horse.

... are looking for new ways to work your horse in a gymnastic way.

... have a sick or old horse that you would like to exercise from the head.

... want to bring more variety into your daily training routine.

... you want to further qualify yourself in the equestrian field.

... have a problem horse that you don't know what to do with.

... want to raise the relationship between you and your horse to the next level.


... you are a hobby rider, dressage rider, show jumper, bush rider, jockey, professional rider, carriage driver or groom.

... have your own horse, a riding share, a horse at your disposal or a care horse.

... train with 1, 2, 3 or 12 horses at the same time.

... are a young horse girl or already have over 20 years of horse experience.

... have (no) experience in liberty work.

I will pick up everyone from where they are with their horse at the moment in the training!
By the end of the 12 months, you will have built a deep bond with your horse with my detailed step-by-step instructions.

About me, Kenzie Dysli

My name is Kenzie Dysli, I’m a well-known German-Spanish horse trainer. I’m specialised in liberty dressage as well as working equitation, Doma Vaquera, and western riding.

My inspiration. My teachers. My career.
I grew up in Spain, on our beautiful Hacienda Buena Suerte. My parents Magda and Jean-Claude Dysli, a famous western rider, taught me lots about horses while I was growing up. Also Pat Parelli, known for his natural horsemanship, and Ismael Romero Arroyo, specialist for Alta Escuela and liberty dressage, shared their understanding of horsemanship with me.

My passion. My desire. My gift for you.
I love training horses, but I also love to share my way of horsemanship – my knowledge - with you. Therefore, I invite you to learn from me the beginnings of the liberty dressage with step-by-step tutorials. Starting with the first leadership exercises, important basics in horse training until the actual liberty dressage, where you play without halter or rope with your horse.


When does the course begin?

Training begins as soon as you have registered yourself. To sign up in the course system, please follow the instructions sent to you via e-mail. 

You can join the exclusive Facebook group after your registration, too. Please note that it may take up to 48 hours before your request to join could be approved for the Facebook-group.

How long does the course take?

You have 12 months access to the course. It is a mix of video material, live events, exchange and feedback in the Facebook-group and - of course - practical training from you and your horse. 

Don't worry - your access expires after 12 months, so you have PLENTY OF TIME. 

Of course it is possible to extend your membership after 12 months. We will keep you updated. 

I don't have a Facebook-account.

You don't need Facebook for the Online Training Liberty Dressage. But the Facebook group is very useful to chat to other members and exchange insights and ideas about your training. 

You have access to all the video footage and recordings of the live events with Kenzie in the course system.

Maybe you want to register anonymously? This is definitely worth considering. 

What online experience do I need?

The contents are all available on the course system, to which you will receive the access data from us after successful registration for the course and can log in. The menu navigation is very clear, so that you will quickly find your way around.

In addition, you will receive access to the closed Facebook group after registering for the online course.

Since active communication takes place via the closed Facebook group, and participants post comments and videos here, it is advantageous if you are already familiar with Facebook and have gained initial experience here. From our experience, the group is very dynamic, so that you can get a lot of additional benefit if you actively participate in posting and commenting.

However, the Facebook group is NOT a must for successful participation in the online seminar. However, we would like to recommend it to you and if you are inexperienced with Facebook, you can find many videos on Youtube on how to set up a Facebook account and make various privacy settings. 

Which technical requirements do I need?

To watch the videos smoothly, an internet connection with at least 2 MBit/s is recommended.

As a rule, all households today have at least 16 MBit/s and mobile even significantly more. No problems should be expected. If you have any further questions, just send an e-mail to [email protected].

Can I watch the course on my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, of course!
We do have a mobile version of the course. 

Can I download the video material?

All lessons are available as online streams. It is not possible to download the videos.

The summary of the individual practice and theory lessons as e-books can be downloaded and printed out at any time. All you need is the latest version of Adobe Reader .

Which horse is suited for this course??

You can participate with every horse, as long as it’s healthy.

If your horse has any health issues, you may ask your vet to make sure that you can train with your horse. 

Experience shows that older horses learn a bit slower than younger horses - but the liberty work is a good motivation for all kinds of horses! There are some lessons that might not be suited for older horses but we will tell you in advance if you have to take care of something. 

If you work with a young horse (starting at 3 years) that is great as well.

Do I need to OWN the horse?

No, you don't have to own the horse. If it's not your own horse, you may ask the owner for permission.

I have a young / older horse, can I still do the course?

Working with young horses is not a problem - however, the horse should already have such initial training experience and be at least 3 years old. Since the course is about pure ground work, the horse does not have to be broken in yet.

Older horses can also participate as long as they are fit. For certain exercises, such as the compliment, we also explicitly point out in the video what you have to pay attention to if you want to do this exercise with an older horse - or that one or the other exercise may not be suitable for older horses.

Do I need experience with horses?

Yes, some experience is required. If you know the basics like behaviour rules etc. - that's great. This will give you the basics  to start with your liberty dressage training. In my Online Liberty Training both are welcome: beginners and also advanced!

How often should I train?

For your own success, there is one important concept: training, training, training!

Continuous training leads to success. It is ideal if you could train 3-4 times per week with your horse. You therefore don't have to train liberty dressage daily. It is more like an additional way to spend time with your horse. You can ride your horse like before - some lessons are, for example, great to train before or after your normal riding.

Do I need a special arena for the training?

If you have a roundpen, that's amazing! If not, maybe you can build yourself a small place surrounded by fence where you can train your horse? It is essential that your horse can't flee - so please do not let your horse be free in a space where it can run away! 

The course is structured in such a way that you will learn step by step from the very beginning what is necessary to work freely with your horse and to build up a trusting and harmonious relationship with your horse - even if you are a beginner!

Additional questions..

If you need help placing your order or have any other questions, please send us a message directly.

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